Selina M. Carpenter, P.A.- C

Ms. Selina Carpenter is an NCCPA board certified licensed Physician’s Assistant(PA). Ms. Carpenter has the training and credentials to see patients independently or in conjunction with our physicians. Her duties include seeing patients in the hospital or emergency room, completing medical orders, writing prescriptions, and assisting in the operating room. She obtained her PA Certification from the University of Alabama Birmingham in 2002.

Ms. Carpenter completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at Jacksonville State University where she also was a member of the Lady Gamecock Volleyball Team. She earned a full athletic scholarship and was the team captain for 3 of her 4 years playing. She is also the 2nd leading assist setter for the team in its school’s history. After graduating from JSU she became a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. She has several years of experience working professionally in sports medicine rehab.

In her spare time, she continues to enjoy many sports and believes fitness is extremely important. She now calls herself a triathlete and has been participating in races since 2003. She has completed many sprint and Olympic distance races. She also has completed several Half Ironman races and 6 full Ironman competitions. She has run 4 marathons, but admits the half marathon is her favorite running distance. Other fun challenges she enjoys are week long bike rides, hiking, or running adventures.

Ms. Carpenter can assist all of the Greenleaf physicians, but her main duties are with Dr. Thomas Baier. She has worked hand and hand with him since 2002. She assists him in the office as well as the operating room. With Dr. Baier’s confidence, she helps advise and educate the patients, whether they are being seen in the office, or about to encounter a surgical procedure such as an arthroscopy or total joint.