Thomas E. Baier, M.D.

Since 1985, Dr. Baier has been practicing Orthopedic Surgery in Lake County and was recently bestowed with “America’s Best Physician” award by the National Consumer Advisory Board in early 2017.

He has a special interest in anterior total hip and cementless total knee replacements. His extensive training with the innovative anterior total hip reconstruction distinguishes him from other surgeons in his field. Since 2014, he has used this technique almost exclusively with great success and high patient satisfaction. For over a decade, Dr. Baier has been using a total knee replacement approach that allows the patient’s own bone to grow and secure prosthetic placement, thus eliminating the need for “bone glue” (methylmethacrylate). This is commonly referred to Cementless Total Knee Replacement, and if the patient qualifies, the surgery can be performed as an outpatient or usually a short hospital stay. He is also certified in MIS (Mini-Incision Surgery) Total Hip Replacement and Quadriceps Sparing Knee Replacement that allows him to tailor his surgical approach for individual patient needs.

In addition to total joint replacements, Dr. Baier also has a strong background in sports medicine and arthroscopy, including arthroscopic ACL reconstruction and meniscal surgery. He has served as the team physician for the Libertyville High School football team since 1986, and local area boys' club football and soccer teams. He also treats worker's compensation injuries ranging from traumas to more frequent wear-and-tear injuries.

Dr. Baier is a father of 4. In 2007, after being influenced by two of his sons serving in the United States Marine Corps, he enlisted in the Army Reserve. He served as a Major, and was able to use his medical experience to support our military members injured in combat. He completed 3 deployments: Iraq in the summer of 2008 and Afghanistan in the winter of 2010 and spring 2012. After 8 years of service, he resigned his commission as a Lieutenant Colonel in November, 2015. His wife, Nancy, is an active volunteer for veteran support groups “Operation Support Our Troops-America”.

Dr. Baier graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign, and attended Rush Medical School. He completed his residency at Southern Illinois University in Springfield, the major orthopaedic trauma referral center for central Illinois.

Areas of Interest